What Is Bona Fide Intent?

There has been a lot of talk lately about what the true meaning of “bona fide intent” means under the Lanham Act, given the plethora of recent applications filed by trademark squatters in an effort to profit from the Washington Redskins’ name change. It is against U.S. policy to file trademark applications merely to reserve a trademark. The applicant must have a bona fide intent to use the trademark in interstate commerce unless the mark is not already in use in commerce. (To learn more about use in commerce, read our blog post here). 

How do you establish bona fide intent?

Can’t a trademark owner just claim that it had an intent to use the mark, if challenged? No! The Board has been very clear that bona fide intent to use is an objective test. Some of the things a trademark owner can do (and you should be sure to counsel them to keep evidence of at least a few of these in case the intent is ever challenged) prior to filing a new intent to use application:

  • document the selection, adoption and use of the mark, including all trademark searches
  • prepare the business and/or marketing plan, including the financial forecast for a number of years
  • consider or identify possible purchasers of the products/services
  • plan or create marketing, advertising or promotional materials, including the website for your product/services
  • consider what raw materials will be needed to manufacture goods
  • produce and preserve product prototypes
  • prepare schematics or instructional manuals
  • plan or create labels, tags, or packaging for your products
  • consider where and how your goods will be manufactured and by whom
  • consider when your goods and services will become available for purchase
  • purchase liability insurance
  • create a budget for the goods/services involving the mark

The applicant itself can prepare one or more of these items or work with third parties to prepare them.

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