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If you're a U.S. attorney or paralegal, our Masterclass* course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to successfully file a trademark application and see it through to registration, including how to respond to refusals. Through 6 engaging sessions and 10+ hours of instruction, we give you the confidence to help master the trademark prosecution process.

The Trademarkabilities® Masterclass* is designed to demystify the trademark process, allowing you to better serve your clients and grow your bottom line. 

As a lawyer or paralegal, you will benefit from the Masterclass if:
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the rules and regulations and don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve filed some trademark applications, but have encountered roadblocks and even refusals, and need additional guidance and tools to help you navigate the USPTO system.
  • You currently practice in other corporate transactional areas and are interested in adding trademark law to your offered services.
  • You’re an in-house practitioner who isn’t sure how to handle trademark filings, or you’re spending too much time and money on outside legal counsel.

Trademarkabilities can help! Here's what's included in our Masterclass*:

The Course

• Six sessions (approx. 11 hrs of content)

• Detailed workbook with the key rules highlighted and practical insights, tips

• Screenshots showing you exactly how to utilize key USPTO forms, including trademark application, Statement of Use, Office Action Response, and many more

The Tools

• Members-only online discussion group

• Client-facing templates

• Office Action response strategies and templates to address the most common refusals

• Recommendations for software, resources, and tools to help you

Additional Help

• Monthly live "Ask Me Anything" Q&A

• Email access to me for brief questions and clarifications

• Access to my professional contacts and Rolodex

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5 Tips for Trademark Success at the USPTO

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*At this time, the Masterclass course is only being offered to U.S. attorneys, paralegals and third year law students.  We hope in the future to have a course offering for foreign attorneys.  Business owners  or individuals who want to learn how to file trademark applications are currently not permitted to participate in this course offering.

*While we believe the Masterclass is the best value and most thorough learning tool, we have also split the course into a beginning and intermediate course for those who are interested in more targeted learning. To learn more about the content of each one, click here.