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Stacey has educated more than 2,000 attorneys in the past two years through continuing legal education courses and has over a 99% 5-star rating from those attorneys. Here’s what recent Masterclass students have to say:


"I’m a solo practitioner and started studying IP a little over a year ago. I took trademark classes and every CLE and book that I could find on trademarks. I was actually hesitant to spend more money on taking the Trademarkabilities course because I felt that I already had a good understanding of the topic, but I am SO GLAD that I did. I learned so much from Stacey and feel like she has prepared me to be an even better practitioner through her decades of experience. I highly recommend the Trademarkabilities masterclass to practitioners of all experience levels."

catherine t., oakland, ca

"This course is phenomenal!  Have you ever worked in a firm and found that the mentorship and training were lacking?  Me too.  This course provides that mentorship in a short amount of time, and templates for everything: Letter of Engagement, client communications , Office Action Responses, and more.  Stacey teaches practice-relevant topics, real world solutions to a wide variety of issues, and was/is always willing to have a phone call to continue discussing a topic.  She breaks the rules down into easily digestible bits, including the new rules, and presents all of the material clearly and concisely.  The course covers nearly all issues that an attorney would encounter, from typical to rare, and provides templates for every topic discussed.  If the Trademark Office required lawyers to pass a bar exam to prosecute trademarks, this course would set lawyers up to pass with ease. I would highly recommend this course to all trademark prosecutors, experienced or not."

jeanette b., greater chicago, il

"The Trademarkabilities Masterclass has been extremely valuable. I came into the course with a modest amount of trademark experience, pretty comfortable with the basics, but just getting into some more complex work and the course was exactly what I was looking for in terms of strengthening the fundamentals and giving me the tools and resources to feel comfortable with more advanced trademark work. The modules dealing with office actions, working with foreign counsel, and ongoing maintenance were particularly useful, but I also found myself learning some new techniques and best practices to apply to my intake process, clearance searching, and filings as well. 

I’m a big fan of paying to get knowledge and experience in a matter of days or weeks that would otherwise take me years to learn on my own. And that’s what Stacey provided. She takes her years of high level trademark experience and big firm training and distills it down to the most practical and useful advice and insights to better serve your clients. For me, this was a huge value add. For the past couple years my trademark skills have largely been self-taught and cobbled together through a combination of practice guides, internet ‘research,’ webinars, CLE, IP conferences, and working through issues as they came up with my own clients. 

If I’d taken this course 2 years ago, it would have saved me months of time and probably helped me avoid a couple headaches along the way. The fact is, it’s extremely hard to find training programs out there for attorneys looking to jump-start a trademark practice. Stacey is an excellent instructor and the templates and other materials she provides would be worth the price of admission on their own. It really is a great investment and I highly recommend the course. Thanks again Stacey!” 

kevin m., grand rapids, mi

"I joined the Trademarkabilities Masterclass during my second year as an associate at an intellectual property law firm. The course provided an in-depth analysis of various topics ranging from the trademark application process to responses to Office Actions, as well as foreign registrations. Within a few weeks, my knowledge and skills were further enhanced as Stacey’s expertise and instruction improved my efficiency and effectiveness in the practice of trademark law. Through the course lectures and practical exercises, I was able to grasp concepts and discuss topics that I have encountered throughout my practice or will come across in the future. Moreover, the course included valuable resources, including the PowerPoint presentations and various templates, that I can conveniently refer to when assisting clients. As a young attorney, I am grateful for Stacey’s guidance and look forward to implementing my newfound expertise throughout my career. "

kerianne s., chicago, il

"I took the Trademarkabilities Masterclass as Stacey’s superb reputation in the trademark law field preceded her. Through my work with small business clients, acting as outside general counsel, I rely on that continuing education to make certain that I stay prepared, up-to-date, and most effective for my clients. As attorneys, we have a responsibility and privilege to represent clients in securing the best results based on the best information in the best interest of a client’s goals. Taking the Trademarkabilities course has allowed me the continued confidence to represent my clients effectively and efficiently.

"Stacey has the kind of practical, no-nonsense, reasoned approach that I most appreciate in a leader. Her extensive experience working at law firms and counseling multi-billion dollar, international corporations shines through in her lessons. Albert Einstein once said 'If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.' Stacey explains even the most complex trademark topics simply enough that an attorney at any level of their professional experience would be well served by taking the course. The online program is easy to navigate. The templates and checklists that she additionally provides within the course, on top of the videos, slides, and Q&A are a treasure trove of trademark tradecraft.

"Stacey is a natural professor and her expertise in the subject area based on years of practice, continued education, and speaking allow her and her lessons to be extremely substantive, practical, and clear. I have not been a part of any other trademark program out there that is as comprehensive and well-organized as Trademarkabilities.

"Please don’t be misled by charlatans out there hawking different programs. Trademarkabilities is the one you want. Trademarkabilities is the one you need."

agostino f., greater chicago, il
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